Early Spring 2021 (September/October)

We have had a busy few weeks, the temperatures ramped up quickly, we sold a lot of the ginger which needed digging, cleaning, boxing and shipping. We have replanted our ginger, more rows this year, with a focus on specialist Gingers, Galangal and Kencur. The garlic will be ready to harvest in November and meanwhile we are prepping beds and rows for next year, planting with over crops and rotavating to create water sinks to capture the rain from the spring storms. We have also begun planting a mix of fruit trees, Mulberry, Apple and Pear to compliment the native bush tucker trees we are growing from seed to increase the bio-diversity. The first rain has greened up the paddocks quickly 🙂

6 thoughts on “Early Spring 2021 (September/October)

  1. A lot of hard work ! Good to hear of your biodiversity plans – great for the planet. Not enough farmers seem to be taking it seriously enough.
    I have been growing a ginger plant in a big pot (for its lovely flower), so lots of foliage but no sign of any flower !
    Is it a pipe dream ?
    Hope you are all well – is Connie at Uni or College yet ?
    Talked care, Auntie Angela


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