Winter 2021 (June, July, August)

After some busy weeks, planting new garlic – Russian, Queensland Purple and Australian Red, we are now beginning the great ginger harvest. Jed has become our sales man and Simon and I are busy digging up the ginger and turmeric. It is all done by hand, cleaned, sorted and washed to make sure that we have a high quality product.

We have planted new garlic for harvest in November which is growing well, we have begun to rotavate new rows for next year as well as branching out into some fruit trees (pardon the pun). Green manure mustard crops are humming with bees, both native and European. Over the winter we have been growing on cuttings and seeds of Mulberry, Rosella, Pomegranate, Sugar Cane and some bush tucker shrubs and trees, such as Slaty Tree Oak, Raspberry Jam Wattle and Black Fruit Saw-sedge. Olive trees were planted at the end of last year but took a beating from the roos, all survived but have been moved into an electric fenced area to recover. We want to create a mix of fruit, veg and aromatics so that we encourage the birds, bees and other insects to restore a bio-diverse landscape.

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