Getting ready for Autumn 2021

So the ginger is getting itself ready for harvest in August, we have replanted Russian garlic and added a few new varieties to see how they go – Queensland Purple, Australian Red and Italian Purple. The new varieties produce a smaller bulb but stronger and hotter flavour so looking forward to trying them in the early summer. A lot more planted and mulched this year, the cooler days and chilly nights have given the garlic a good start.

We have teamed up with a cafe to recycle there veggie food waste into compost, the first two piles are steaming away nicely and in about 6 months we should have a lovely compost to improve the soil for planting. I was shocked to discover how much carbon we had saved by doing this, two piles are capturing 2,390 kg of carbon dioxide!

We dug up our first ginger to check how close it is to harvest (I just couldn’t wait any longer!), lovely golden and pink colours on the roots, a few more months yet but judging by the amount we dug up we are going to be harvesting A LOT, so lots of digging.

So it has been nearly 18 months that we have had the farm, the next post will be some before and after pictures so that we can see how things are changing.

5 thoughts on “Getting ready for Autumn 2021

  1. A wonderful update, the ginger looks delicious.
    Grandpa would have loved the compost pile !!

    Great work , you guys.


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