March 2021

Christmas, New Year and Zac’s Birthday were hard. We cried, laughed and shared bitter sweet memories over the last few months. He is with us every day but when we are at the farm we feel connected through our shared vision, the trees, animals, birds and, of course, our determination to work in harmony with nature.

The Ginger is growing well , we are just not sure what is happening underground – hopefully not just lots of lovely green leaves! We are getting ready to put in our second garlic planting and planning new crops for different areas. I want to put in some mulberry trees for shade, get some honey Bee’s to help with the pollination and expand our fruit trees. First we will have to improve the ground and make large amounts of compost to improve the soil before we can take that next step.

8 thoughts on “March 2021

  1. I’m sure Zac is there in spirit helping you. Laugh cry scream. Always new you where a strong Resource full person. I hope sometime in the future to come and see your amazing farm.


  2. Such an exciting project … love to hear about the progress and plans you are making … your vision for the future. Just hoping that the mega rains in NSW are passing you by …… x Uncle D


  3. Wonderful update. Everything looks so green and beautiful. Looking forward to future updates. Thinking of you often ❤️❤️


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