First Harvest

So the hot weather of December has arrived and the Garlic has decided that it needs to be harvested. The Ginger has started sprouting but it needs regular watering to stop the young leaves burning in the sun. We have to mow regularly between the rows to keep the grass down, may be the Roo’s eating the grass were a good thing! Simon pulled half a row last week and I pulled the Russian Garlic this week. I was so pleased with the size of the bulbs, can’t wait to try roasting it when the weather gets a bit cooler. The bulbs are put on racks to air dry and cure for 3 weeks. We need some rain to help things along.

10 thoughts on “First Harvest

  1. In UK there is no ginger on the supermarket shelves at all …. cleaned out …. apparently due to poor harvest in China …. seems you have a ready market! Bring it on……


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